Seven Steps to the Aleph Tav Teaching

aleph tav meaning

I came across your website after googling “the hidden aleph and tav scripture”. Well, last night someone had sent me an email about how they were unsure about the triune nature of God, further they didn’t that Jesus was ever said to be part of this triunity as it cannot be found in scripture. I tried to sleep last night, and had verses pop in my mind that speaks of Jesus as the first and last, the alpha and the omega found in Revelation. In the book of Revelation it describes Jesus being the first and last. There is no idle word in Scripture yet these two letters are never seen except in a Hebrew Bible.

aleph tav meaning

The feast days are shadows that point to Jesus as the Messiah. And the feast of Passover Lamb is pointing to the TRUE Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. For you see, there are some other Hebrew words that were not translated in the King James Version. Look for Aleph/Tav ALERTS before chapters or books, showing where a few of the Aleph/Tav את Symbols are placed, with a short explanation on their significance. In the original Hebrew scrolls the Hebrew ADA word order appeared much like Spanish, in the sense that in Spanish nouns usually follow adjectives in sentence order. It is quite the opposite in English, in which we would write ‘Moses took’.

starting letters which is actually Alef and Tav.

The first 10 times there is no Aleph/Tav את Symbol in front of her name. After she is redeemed by Boaz the next two times her name is used an Aleph/Tav את Symbol is in from of her name each time. These are just two examples, but it seems quite obvious that the Aleph/Tav את Symbol shows a connection of covenant relationship with the Yah-head. The Alpha and the Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, just as the Aleph and the Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. According to the Jesus’ Signature Theorists, Jesus was speaking to John in Hebrew and not in Greek, and so Jesus must have been saying that he is the Aleph-Tav as found in the Hebrew Bible.

  • Moreover, the word את is used in other ancient, non-biblical texts in the languages of Hebrew, Moabite, Edomite, Aramaic, and Ugaritic .
  • Messiah Yeshua came to preach repentance, a return to God’s voice and the Gospel of God.
  • Christ the leader has chosen to yoke Himself with us in our humanity and invites us to come under His leadership.
  • And his deeds, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of the kings of Israel and Judah.
  • Hebrew scholars agree that originally in Paleo-Hebrew the first letter of the Aleph-Bet, the Aleph (א) letter meant “Strength”.

So to me, the remnant of the children of Israel will keep the TRUE MEANING of the feast AT the second coming of Jesus. For you see, that is when the sin of the world will be ROLLED OFF of THEM seeing that they have REJECTED their Messiah in this PRESENT world. There are a total of 7,339 Aleph/Tav את Symbols and an additional 2,352 Vav/Aleph/Tav ואת Symbols used in the Tanakh, which bring the grand total to 9,691. Rarely are any Aleph/Tav את Symbols translated into English, except as an occasional erroneous preposition. However all of the Vav/Aleph/Tav ואת Symbols are translated with erroneous conjunctions, because neither prepositions or conjunctions existed in the original primitive language of Babylonian-Hebrew or it predecessor Paleo-Hebrew. If we want the truth of any matter we must strive to return to its origin, as it was first established and used.

Moses Relationship with יהוה Father, through את Y’shua

“Urim” begins with an “aleph” and “Thummim” begins with a “tav”. “Urim” means “lights” and “Thummim” is rooted in a word that means “perfect completion” or “to finish”. We studied how light is the beginning element of the creation account and very well connected with Jesus the Light of the World, and He also is the author and finisher of our salvation. This ancient symbol was a sign of a covenant long before the Romans used crossed wooden beams as a tool of execution, which once again confirms the Word, in the beginning, the Christ, in the beginning, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. This particular lesson will attempt to connect the dots that form a very obvious picture of the Alpha and Omega in the New Testament to the, not so obvious, Aleph and Tav in the Old Testament. Is also used as a preposition very frequently in the Hebrew bible and first appears in the very first verse of the Bible.

thoughts on “The significance of the Hebrew letters “Aleph” and “Tav””

And the ceremonial laws are all the Sabbath days, including the weekly Sabbath days. The ceremonial laws contained in ordinances are all the feast days and the new moons. The ceremonial laws are the sacrifices offered to God under the Old Covenant. And that is WHY the feast of Passover was given to the children of Israel in the first place.

This is the turning-point of faith in a person’s life. Together, the three letters of Aleph Mem Tav mean Truth, or Emet. The water mark belongs to believers hitting the mark of truth through faith. This word many times doesn’t get translated into English at all because of the lack of clarity to its meaning. Just as the phrase “heaven and earth” is a natural expression meaning “all of creation,” the phrase “aleph and tav” is a natural expression meaning “the whole of the alphabet.” If you notice, the alef-tau is repeated twice within the first verse, the second is “va-et” between the words heavens and the earth.

As we shall see it is more likely the sign of the covenanted presence of the Lord Jesus as it concerns the events of the text. The Bible began with the creation of heaven and earth. In the beginning, we saw Eden prepared for God and man to dwell together, and now we see a Holy city coming down from above.

Consequently, the Pey/Aleph/Tav פאת Word can only serve as reinforcement of the importance of the spoken boundaries ordained by the Yah-head by covenant. There are actually 251 Zayin/Aleph/Tav זאת Words located in the Tanakh. When you consider aleph tav meaning the original Hebrew letter Zayin (ז) was a weapon meaning to “cut off”, and when you see where the Zayin/Aleph/Tav זאת Word is placed in scripture text with the Aleph/Tav את, you realize immediately how dynamic this symbol is.

Tav, is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet it also symbolizes the entire material creation as a container and receptacle for the unlimited, unmeasurable, unseen Energy of Elohim. From Aleph, Ruach flows through the attributes and emanates the ALL. Nothing can contain the ALL except TAV without TAV nothing would exist in this material world we live in. TAV receives all the Aleph Energy that nothing material can contain. Tav receives Sheen and sends back data to Aleph, which initiates motion and animation in the spiritual invisible creation. The first letter in the “aleph-tav” letter combination is, of course, “aleph” and this letter is imaged by an ox.

aleph tav meaning

That is the hidden story of Etham and the source code from the Hebrew wordאתם. Remeber the exodus, it was marked by the miracle of the Red Sea crossing. Etham is not just any word, it shows us that each word and letter of the Torah scribe’s pen has great significance from beginning to end in the teaching of God. Roman crosses were designed for the execution of criminals of which Christ was not but…

Hebrew Has a ‘Reduced Alphabet’ – Jewish Link of New Jersey

Hebrew Has a ‘Reduced Alphabet’.

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We can express every thought within the compass of the 26 letters of our alphabet. So, the alepb to the tau; the alpha and omega; the A to the Z represents the vehicle for expressing each human thought. The letters את are the first and the last letters of the 22 letter alphabet and the Author has purposely used the word 22 times. So I believe that Jesus was saying that he is the Aleph and the Tav in the SCRIPTURES. In other words, Jesus is saying that he is the written word of God that prophesies of him. Jesus told the children of Israel that they searched the Scriptures for ETERNAL LIFE and that the SCRIPTURES testify of ME.

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and a symbol of the Holy Palace. It extends into the letter Yodh which is number 10 of the Hebrew alphabet. These 10 are the “Dibburim”- of Genesis in the “Let there be Light” monologue. They are also known as the 10 commandments and were finally termed “middot” or “attributes” by conservative schools and “sefiroth” by liberal neo-orthodoxy groups. They were conceptualized by Kabbalists as 10 components of the Creation that play a role in the creation of the spiritual heavens and earth. When they are activated, Ruach dwells in the Most Holy Place known as Makom.

aleph tav meaning

The ancient Hebrew provides a real eye opener and opens up the Bible as well as the depth and meaning of each Hebrew letter. The Aleph Tavאֵתbegin its journey through the Bible in the very first verse. Its there front and center in the beginning yet not known to millions of Bible students. Our issue is that we use translations of the Hebrew Scriptures. Yet,it is time that they be seen because the אֵת serve a big purpose in the Word of God as two witnesses over 7,000 times throughout the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.

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